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Rumor Mill report is placed on hold until the morning:

An idf posting regarding a special edition of CRUSH on PopStars cannot be confirmed until tomorrow. We will contact the magazine in New York first thing in the morning and bring you the latest. Thanks for your emails supporting David and his fans!

What we can report is something that speaks for itself. Congratulations DAVID!

Team Archie needs us: Radio Requesting Campaign will help David move up in AirPlay

Team Archie needs us: Radio Requesting Campaign will help David move up in AirPlay

David's pic donning beads: The New Orleans salute came during the concert's finale held at the CenturyTel in Bossier City on Tuesday night.

Hello David Archuleta Fans!!!

We are running a Radio Requesting Campaign for David Archuleta's single Crush. The intent of this campaign is to rally forces amongst David's fans by location to request his single Crush on local radio stations. David's single is not officially released to radio until September 2, but many radio stations are already playing it in heavy rotation. Other radio markets on the other hand are slow to add it to their play list, or don't realize that there are people who are dying to hear it on their local radio stations.

If we band together by locality, we can be more effective in reaching out to our local radio stations. We can set schedules for requesting, and we can share in any information we find out regarding requesting to specific radio stations, including when your local countdowns are and which DJ's are more inclined to play Crush, and which radio stations need more attention. Working together, we will feel more motivated to request Crush until it is played, and even after it is added to the playlist.

If you would like to partipate in this campaign, please provide us your name and your location (state and the nearest large city to you) and then we will match up all the respondents to this campaign by locality. You can either email the group your information, or if you'd rather keep it private, you can email your information to teamarchie@hotmail.com.

No time to panic: It’s time to vote, stream, rally and request

No time to panic: It's time to vote, stream, rally and request

Go to Violet's DreamSkyHigh WebPage for the latest word on Polls, Airplay and Streaming Sites and Fan Campaigns! Here are some of what you will find:

Daily Polls- Vote daily in the Teen Choice Best Smile poll - TC says David is losing

- Vote down the left here that we are indeed the most fanatic fans!!!! I do not know how oftne this poll can be done.

- Vote daily for David in the front page here at Popstar. No need to sign in, just scroll down and poll is on the left.
(this poll didn't let me vote for 4 days - not sure why - total votes are still rising)


Being #2 on the Hot 100 was a 1-week thing - that chart starts from ZERO each week. And we need to get Crush up the continuous charts like Top 40 and Pop 100 where the top songs have often sold over 1 million copies. So a good goal is for Crush to sell over a million copies too and get frequent airplay on lots of stations.

Crush needs streaming because it's a percentage of some chart scores. And it need lots of airplay - not only does airplay count towards some charts, but it exposes more people to Crush. Crush needs a lot more airplay and exposure as it is released to more stations so more people will hear it and buy it.

- Vote for Crush here at XM Satellite radio every 5 minutes - super easy - select David Archuleta Crush in the list, and below the list press Vote. They play the top 20 requests there nationally 3-4 times per day.

- Request Crush at Disney Radio several times per day. NOTE - it is NOT that "#1 Crush" song listed at the top. Scroll down to David Archuleta - Crush and pick that, then submit the request below with name and age.

Request Crush on your local stations. This is very important. If you do not know your local stations, you can look them up here. Pick US, Canadian, or International. For US, enter your zip to find stations within listening distance - they may even be in another state. Their genres are shown. Click on the names of suitable stations to visit their websites - check for ways there to request Crush.

Also - stream Crush at AOL music (works with Internet Explorer). Streaming counts for 5% of the Billboard Hot 100 score. At this link, scroll down to "Latest" and click the word Crush. Wait for the popup player to open and load Crush. Then click on the word Crush on the initial page a bunch of times. Supposedly each click counts as a streaming. When the player popup catches up and loads all of the Crushes, you can select the white part of the first in the playlist and playing will start from there.


Buying and gifting are important. You can buy at Itunes, Amazon, or Napster. I'm sure you know people you can gift Crush to. But don't buy an unreasonable number, and when possible gift directly where you buy. If you buy at Amazon, there are two copies of Crush up there - the "Main Version" is the easiest to buy (no downloader needed and you can save the MP3 right to your computer):

If you are unable to buy Crush yourself (foreign country or you do not have credit/Paypal) and you would like to be gifted with a legal copy, OR if you wish to donate to the Crush/Album gifting project, please go here:

David’s 18th BD: Don’t think of something to buy, but of what you can make or do

David's 18th BD: Don't think of something to buy, but of what you can make or do

We've been getting tons of emails from fans of what to buy and where to send it. No, no, no… let's re-focus on things we can make or do.

We know that David doesn't want anyone, especially his fans, to buy him gifts. Of couse he appreciates it, but for his birthday gift… let's rethink of ideas where fans can create something together.

When David was younger, he would go to neighbor's houses and offer to mow their lawn or rake their leaves. For no pay, it was just a nice gesture.

How about doing a great deed. To a neighbor, or visit a children's hospital, volunteer and videotape it! Something like that. Something along those lines, to capture it on tape and upload it to YouTube and in the end… say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID, we did this in your honor!

4 month notice: Where will you be? What are you planning for Dec 28th?

4 month notice: Where will you be? What are you planning for Dec 28th?

It's August 28th and this is your 4 month notice in advance:

No doubt, a number of special events will take place on David's 18th birthday. But how about those 'fan plans' that needs to start right away so it will be ready for that special day:

The world's largest birthday card; a humongous birthday quilt; the biggest happy birthday fan scrapbook; an international online shoutout; and posted HAPPY BIRTHDAY sing-a-longs will be taking over MySpace and YouTube; are all being discussed.

We are just 120 days away, so we ask for your participation in a poll which will prove to the world that Archie fans come from all age ranges.

You may also comment on what special plans that you are contemplating. It will be a fan holiday on top of all holiday celebrations.

Request for a single entry per person! Thank you.

PrimeTime CRUSH HOUR : Here’s an early evening push for fans!

David has fallen off the Top 10 on the Streaming Chart, let's fix that; Right here, Right now:

Latest chart news, including the Digital Download Numbers, Airplay, and the Streaming Chart can be found on MJs Big Blog.

It's part of our daily fix: Please don't forget to hit AOL today! Commit to 10 streams of CRUSH and then return here for your next assignments.

  • And now it's time to do what we do best. Hit the graphic below to go to Violet's Angel Page 'DreamSkyHigh':

  • After you have ticked all the boxes, tick.. tick.. tick, return here for your bonus video of the day!
  • Here are your BONUS REWARD VIDEOS!

    It was put together by Davidarchiegirl and this is what she wrote on her email to FanBlast:

    Hi, I made a video with many different clips of david laughing because I just know how much all of us love and adore his laugh sooooo much so I kinda made a tribute video for his archudorable laugh!

    Now I don't now how to like send the video but ill try to send the link to the video on youtube. (BTW its called David Archuleta laughing for a Minute)

    I hope you can post it on the forum because I think it'll make a lot of people's day brighter! It sure made my day brighter just making it! haha

    I also made one with him saying love a lot just in case you're interested. Thank you so much for your time.

    CRUSH castmember spotlight on Garret Pennington later on FanBlast

    CRUSH castmember spotlight on Garret Pennington later on FanBlast

    David with Garret on the set of CRUSH

    We will be featuring a photo spotlight on Garret here on FanBlast. He was chosen to play a principle role as one of David's good friends in the upcoming music video for CRUSH.

    Garret's mom Brandi was gracious to FanBlast by sending us some great pictures of Garret and in sharing some of his background with the fans later tonight!

    Lupe and Garret's mom Brandi

    David to perform a 5th song in KC? A report suggests that CRUSH might be added

    Noon ET 08-27-08; coming over the wire. Excerpt taken from the KansasCity dot com site:

    David Archuleta, the runner-up on "American Idol," has a hit single this week with "Crush." It was the best chart debut in 18 months, according to Billboard, and he'll probably perform it this weekend at the Sprint Center when the "Idol" tour comes through.

    PecanPie is helping David and the Idols by asking you to STAND UP to Cancer

    Fundraiser Captain: PecanPie is asking all David Archuleta Fans to Stand Up!


    • All of the idols including Archie will be participating in the Stand UP2 Cancer (SU2C) program on September 5th, 8pm airing on all 3 major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC)
    • Highest fundraisers will be announced on the show! While mostly we would just like to support this worthy cause, wouldn't it also be nice to have David recognized on all 3 major networks during primetime?

    If you think so, please donate at the link below:


    • go to GET INVOLVED (at the top of the page) and click "THE TEAMS"
    • then under FIND A TEAM (left side of screen) enter pecan pie
    • that's: pecan space pie
    • then just click donate and you're there
    • Captain: pecan pie

    SU2C was largely inspired by the great oncologist/scientist/pediatrician and humanitarian Judah Folkman who died very unexpectedly earlier this year leaving a huge hole in the world of cancer therapy and research. Read the links below; as a human being this guy was a lot like David - just substitute the word music for science and the name "Pavarotti" for "Einstein". The comments under the Boston article are particularly touching.
    One person recounts of Folkman "He was the Einstein of our times…had the eloquence of Martin Luther King and the humility of Gandhi…"

    BONUS REWARD: Once you finished donating, click on David for a wonderful video capture of "When You Say You Love Me" by hazeleyd71: