No boooing allowed! Channel negativity into POLL positivity: Just start clickin’

No boooing allowed! Channel negativity into POLL positivity: Just start clickin'


They can boo in their arena, but our main focus as fanatic fans is to stay focused and always in the positive light. Being an Archie is a CLASS ACT: Don't take a lickin'… Just start clickin'…

  • FANATIC FAN RED ALERT: Cook's fans are slamming this site today! As of 2:30pm ET David has fallen back, and fast! We need your help right away…

  • This is one of those teen polls with an age restriction so prepare to enter your birth date.

  • David lead in the FanGap Poll all day yesterday, but the race tightened overnight. Please don't let up, keep your eye on this one especially! Thanks fanatic fans!

Holiday Fan eMail: ALLERGIES? Snaps from Houston might make you sneeze

Holiday Fan eMail: ALLERGIES? Snaps from Houston might make you sneeze

During the American Idol Finals at the Nokia Theatre, fans were calling local florists to send roses to David's dressing room. But a fan alert went out and balloons were sent instead. Flower allergies are common and no one wanted him sneezing during the finals… Gesundheit!

Thanks to Musical Fairy for sharing her photos from Houston, Texas where you can see that clearly, David is wearing a Hawaiian Lei or flower necklace. Do you have similar type allergies? Any suggestions for the fans?

Holiday Fan eMail: REQUEST CRUSH at the next School Dance

Holiday Fan eMail: REQUEST CRUSH at the next School Dance

It's a holiday break for your FanBlast family, yet throughout the weekend we will be dippin' into the Fan eMail from time to time.

Now with school back into session after Labor Day, "Duke" emailed us with this suggestion:

Going back to school. Going to football games. Going to the homecoming dance. Going to any dance.

CRUSH is playing in school lunchrooms.
CRUSH is playing at school dances.
CRUSH is playing at football games.

If you are attending middle school, high school or college and going to dances, football games, and other school functions, please ask the DJ or announcer to play CRUSH by DAVID ARCHULETA.

If you are not a student, you can send David's CD to your child's school, PTA, activities club, or dance committee so we can promote CRUSH effectively.
There are hundreds of thousands schools across the USA .

Can you imagine that CRUSH is being played during all school activities!

I will volunteer to chaperone the school dances and I will make sure that CRUSH is playing at the dance.

If you have a large budget, you can make DAVID ARCHULETA posters and flyers on your computer and hand them out to his new fans at all your school activities. David's picture will be in many new and old fans' lockers or on the front of school binders.

CRUSH will be # 1 on Billboard for sure.

No Mavid or unexpected hugs during last night’s PDSTM finale in Kansas City

No Mavid or unexpected hugs during last night's PDSTM finale in Kansas City

The rumor of David singing CRUSH was just that, a rumor. The IDOLS were fantastic as expected and they all kept the program down to the tee. The famous MAVID dance did not even happen for the first time in weeks:

Saturday’s Fan Focus: STAND UP TO CANCER - Double check your donations!

Saturday's Fan Focus: STAND UP TO CANCER - Double check your donations!

Update from PecanPie:

I just discovered that it is possible you may have donated without the donation having been applied to the team. NO WORRIES. YOU CAN FIX THIS AT ANY TIME BEFORE SEPTEMBER 5th.

To confirm, sign in, go to the "MY SU2C" tab and select "MY DONATIONS". This should show you where your donation has been applied. If it says the name of our team next to your donation, you're fine and the money has been applied.

If it doesn't say that your donation has been applied to the team, it will give you the option to select to apply the donation to the teams you have joined. If you have already joined, the team name will appear in the selection box and you just click the "save".

If you have not already joined, then it will give you the opportunity to join a team. Once you have joined, then you can go back to "MY DONATIONS", the team name will appear, and click the "save" button.

Remember, you can always confirm where your donation has gone by going to the "MY SU2C" tab and selecting "MY DONATIONS"


1) If your donation wasn't counted before, we may actually have more $ than we thought.
2) They have now changed the policy so that the TOP TWO TEAMS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON TV and we are in close competition for the number 2 spot



Click on the graphic, when it links you up, look for "CrushKids"

All of David's FanClubs & FanSites are asking for your help. So far "CRUSHKIDS" are up to $5,036.00 as of 3am Aug 30th:

Tween Archies: Call mom or dad to help.

Teen Archies: Call a relative, your BFF!

Bronze Archies: Sacrifice your Starbucks, movie or themepark tickets and make your donation.

Silver Archies: Dig deep and make a pledge that would even make Jerry Lewis proud!

Golden Archies: You are the most influential of all the other groups. Call everyone you know and ask them to donate right away. We are running out of time.

Platinum Archies: As the senior group, you can do whatever your heart desires, we are not going to tell you what to do, haha!

David sings out “Hooked on a feeling”: A special treat at Martha’s meet and greet

David sings out "Hooked on a feeling": A special treat at Martha's meet and greet

Thanks to "Martha" ..who is a member of the GOLDEN ARCHIES for allowing us to share this with the FanBlast iFamily. It was taken during the afternoon meet and greet in Oklahoma City.

After finding this, fans emailed us to include the title of that happy tune he sang out so briefly.

Well then, we even posted "Hooked on a Feeling" as a bonus selection. It is just one of those infectious songs that will stick with you for the rest of the day, so heed the warning! haha:

One of the most recognized pop songs of all time,
"Hooked On A Feeling" - BJ Thomas

Hit #5 on Billboards chart
in November of 1968.