mcpalin mooseburger video

mcpalin mooseburger video

Is that Mcpalin mooseburger real? Click the link...


Our Sunday Hope :: A 2 minute request from the iFamily

Our Sunday Hope :: A 2 minute request from the iFamily

The International Family sends prayers for fans affected by Gustov. Special thoughts also goes out to the Golden Archies.

Special program on FHR Radio will be dedicated to David Archuleta on Labor Day

Special program on FHR Radio will be dedicated to David Archuleta on Labor Day

This will be a great prelude to Tuesday's Download and Request Day for CRUSH!

We received an email from Orlando Hernandez, GM at FHR Radio Entertainment. Here is what he wanted to pass on to David's most loyal and dedicated fans:

FHR Radio, a licensed online radio station playing today's top country, pop and R&B music will be hosting a special program dedicated to David Archuleta on Sept 1st at 7pm Eastern US Time. We will also be giving away 10 gifted Itune downloads of David's new single 'Crush' to 10 lucky fans. and you never know, because FHR Radio has been known to give stuff away, we are thinking about giving away CD albums as well.

Our special program will take you a bit through the years as we recall David since 2002 and ending the night with the introduction of "CRUSH"

We asking all fans to join us as we do our part to introduce David to the world. our broadcast has been heard in over 30 countries to date. Our european counterparts are also doing their best to promote it.

Any David Archuleta Fan that wants to submit a shoutout, a recorded special message no more than 15-20 secs can do so by sending it to djrescue@fhrradio.com before 12 noon Monday and we will do our best to air it during the broadcast at 7pm Monday. The message must be about David and his music.

Fans are requesting more information on how to send a message. The thought is for you to record your message through the use of your webcam or videocamera and email it to the address above or upload your video/recording to YouTube and email that link to FHR. Hope this helps and we wish you our best!

Kansas City clips: After-concert footage and the ArchuCook Hug

Kansas City clips: After-concert footage and the ArchuCook Hug

Thanks to TeresaRenee75 for posting her video of David signing autographs after the concert last night in Kansas City:

And click on the screencap below to go to whatafeelingxx's YouTube channel containing that much requested clip of the "ArchuCook Hug" in K.C.

  • Kansas City, MO:

Fanatic Refresh! Time to tick all the boxes.. tick.. tick.. tick..

Fanatic Refresh! Time to tick all the boxes.. tick.. tick.. tick..

Fans are clicking their way through the weekend, join the party:

  • A Petition is out on the streets to lobby for David to sing in next year's SUPERBOWL on Feb 1st. Click on the logo above to sign in!

Captured at 6:33pm ET 08-30-08

  • It's a see-saw battle! Click and vote above. Thank you!

Register your birthday, then vote for David for BEST SMILE!

  • This is one of those teen polls (above) with an age restriction so prepare to enter your birth date.

  • Look and vote for David in the XM online poll above.

  • Click above to direct connect to Radio Disney and REQUEST "CRUSH".

  • Click above to stream CRUSH on AOL. When you land there, scroll down to "The Latest" and click on Crush. Play it all the way through, rinse, lather and repeat!

A fan’s perspective: Brief footage from Kansas City shows a nice reception

A fan's perspective: Brief footage from Kansas City shows a nice reception

We thank Tiffany for sending this in tonight from the Sprint Center in Kansas City. It's only a partial recording of "When you say you love me", but what's most important here is to note how nice the crowd was to our David.

Here is what she wrote in her email to FanBlast:

Hey there I noticed there isn't much out there about the KC show so I decided I should go ahead and put my video up even though it's not very good. Plus my battery ran out before the end.

I felt like the crowd was pretty welcoming to everyone. Some more than others. I was worried about that being in "Cook Country" and all.

David was amazing! What I love most about him, is that it is obvious to me that David knows this is not about him. I think he sees the bigger picture, which is astonishing at such a young age. Through his voice I was able to reconnect to God. This can only be possible if someone is willing to "step aside" so to speak and allow God to use them for His glory.

David has touched my soul.

He hit a place in my heart that needed tending. And for that I will be forever grateful to David Archuleta.

God Bless

Petition Drive to premiere CRUSH on MTV’s Total Request Live show (TRL)

Petition Drive to premiere CRUSH on MTV's Total Request Live show (TRL)

Here's a fan's petition drive to get CRUSH on TRL:

Hello all you arch angels out there. I don't know about you, but I would love to take advantage of every chance I possibly can to see David James Archuleta.

I think it would be wonderful to get archie himself on MTV's TRL to introduce his new music video as well as meet some fans and make some dreams come true. I know a MTV producer so I could easily get on the show, but I thought it would be really great to see archie on TRL once again; this time, by himself.

This is my first time ever making one of these and why not start a petition about something you truly love? I really enjoy seeing the passion David has for music and his fans, so getting him on a show for all the world to see would be a dream come true.

I am not exactly sure when his video comes out but I'd like to have the petition finished by September 10th (sorry, we don't have that much time.) I heard that his video comes out "some time in September" so I thought I'd be playing it safe by having it completed by the tenth.

Please help get a young, deserving star on TRL to showcase his hard work and dedication to music! - - Marisa R.

Update: Over $7,000.00 for STAND UP TO CANCER - Double check your donations!

Update: Over $7,000.00 for STAND UP TO CANCER - Double check your donations!

Update from PecanPie:

I just discovered that it is possible you may have donated without the donation having been applied to the team. NO WORRIES. YOU CAN FIX THIS AT ANY TIME BEFORE SEPTEMBER 5th.

To confirm, sign in, go to the "MY SU2C" tab and select "MY DONATIONS". This should show you where your donation has been applied. If it says the name of our team next to your donation, you're fine and the money has been applied.

If it doesn't say that your donation has been applied to the team, it will give you the option to select to apply the donation to the teams you have joined. If you have already joined, the team name will appear in the selection box and you just click the "save".

If you have not already joined, then it will give you the opportunity to join a team. Once you have joined, then you can go back to "MY DONATIONS", the team name will appear, and click the "save" button.

Remember, you can always confirm where your donation has gone by going to the "MY SU2C" tab and selecting "MY DONATIONS"


1) If your donation wasn't counted before, we may actually have more $ than we thought.
2) They have now changed the policy so that the TOP TWO TEAMS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON TV and we are in close competition for the number 2 spot



Click on the graphic, when it links you up, look for "CrushKids"

All of David's FanClubs & FanSites are asking for your help. So far "CRUSHKIDS" are up to $5,036.00 as of 3am Aug 30th:

Tween Archies: Call mom or dad to help.

Teen Archies: Call a relative, your BFF!

Bronze Archies: Sacrifice your Starbucks, movie or themepark tickets and make your donation.

Silver Archies: Dig deep and make a pledge that would even make Jerry Lewis proud!

Golden Archies: You are the most influential of all the other groups. Call everyone you know and ask them to donate right away. We are running out of time.

Platinum Archies: As the senior group, you can do whatever your heart desires, we are not going to tell you what to do, haha!