David Archuleta Will Always Be Our Idol!

David Archuleta Will Always Be Our Idol!

David Archuleta looks happy as he waves to fans during David's visit back home to Murray, Utah.

David Archuleta has changed many lives, including mine. He has changed the way I feel about music. When I started listening to him sing, I started paying more attention to the lyrics of songs then I had before. I started keeping my iPod with me at all times to listen to him sing. I had a love for music I had never felt before. When I have a rough day, I will listen to him sing, making all the troubles of the day float away. When he sang Imagine last night, Randy said, "This show is about finding the best singer we can find, and the best singer of season 7 is standing right there!" That is so true. We all love David, and he will always be our American Idol!

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